Kitchens have become the most functional space in a home, used for multiple purposes, from cooking and eating to entertaining and resting. The latest kitchen design trends are exciting, providing solutions that help get the most out of this versatile space. There’s a renewed focus on using natural materials and colours that bring the outdoors in, such as sage green. In the next year, kitchens will be an extension of the home, with features beyond functionality - comfort, convenience, and personal style will all be a priority. 

If you need inspiration for your next kitchen makeover, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we’ll share 7 designed-approved trends that are set to be popular among homeowners in 2023.

Social kitchen islands

Kitchen islands are a valuable investment, as they can be a deciding factor for buyers if you’re planning to sell your house at some point. For this reason, kitchen islands never go out of style; however, in 2023, they will serve a social purpose, incorporating more seating and ensuring the area is inclusive, whether entertaining, preparing meals or relaxing with loved ones. 

Regardless of its style and size, the kitchen island is a centralised feature, allowing you to make the most of every inch of space. The kitchen becomes more sociable, as the chef can talk to other people while cooking dinner. Interior designers expect to see double kitchen islands the following year that will serve as a gathering and entertaining space.   

Natural material countertops

Materials matter when it comes to kitchen countertops. In 2023, natural stone will be homeowners’ preferred option, with marble worktops and Caesarstone quartz remaining the most popular. Natural stone stands out with its remarkable versatility and quality finish, fitting both a traditional and modern kitchen design. There are options for every kitchen style, including splashbacks and countertops. 

Marble is highly required, so the trend will likely last for a while. Due to its finished appearance, it looks classic and timeless, so the material can make an impressive statement when applied the right way.

Mixed metallic finishings

Customers are looking to add mixed metals into the designs of their cooking space, and many homeowners will opt for metallic finishings in 2023. To create a cohesive style, you must look for metals in similar tones, like gold and copper. The two make for the perfect match because of their warm undertones. Besides copper, homeowners are also likely to opt for brushed brass, which creates a natural effect.

Toned-down options can transform the aesthetic of your kitchen, adding character to the space. Since consumers want to create unique kitchens, experts predict that gold, brass, and copper will be the top choices in the following year, adding sophisticated touches that will significantly impact the kitchen design.

Warm colours

If you’re looking to design a kitchen that stands the test of time, colours are an essential factor to consider. White kitchens’ era may come to an end sooner than expected, as homeowners will likely opt for more colourful designs. Rather than a monochromatic, Scandinavian style, they will embrace warmer tones and bold shades. In the following year, interior designers expect to see many natural and saturated colours in the overall design of a kitchen. Warm and natural wood shades will be favoured against all-white cabinets to create a cosy feel.

Sustainable design choices

As more people are now focused on sustainable living, it’s not surprising that they consider this factor when investing in their homes too. Homeowners will likely be more environmentally responsible when designing their living space, choosing natural materials instead of polished ones. This focus on opting for eco-friendly alternatives has led to an appreciation for reclaimed wood, which provides environmental and economic benefits and creates an exciting story in your kitchen. 

Any material with an organic influence offers a sense of calm, and that’s what reclaimed wood does, too, due to its warmth and richness in detail. According to interior designers, consumers now want to ensure their choices are a wise investment, so they choose products designed to be durable and provide quality. This puts their mind at ease, knowing their countertops will look beautiful for a long time.

Smart technology

As technology continues to evolve, homes are now smarter than ever. Kitchen designs in 2023 will include innovations like smart lighting and cooking gadgets. Technology has made life easier in many ways, and it also aims to make the cooking space much more practical. Smart kitchens are convenient and energy-efficient, and they also save you time. 

An addition like LED lighting that highlights display shelves can create an impressive feature in your cooking space. At the same time, it has a practical use, as it helps light up the dark areas of the cupboard if there’s a sensor on the cupboard door. Tech can improve all kitchens, whether small or larger.

Kitchen wallpaper

The kitchen was once considered a purely practical space, but that is starting to change. Nowadays, homeowners treat this space like a living room, so it’s not surprising that wallpaper trends have become a thing this year, and it’s becoming more and more popular. For some reason, wallpaper has been undervalued, as homeowners always went for paint and tiles instead. 

But since kitchens have now become an extension of the living room, it only makes sense to hang wallpaper and add depth and texture to the clean lines. This simple update doesn’t require much effort – you can DIY during the weekend! Moreover, it’s a great way to experiment with patterns and colours and determine how much they can impact your room.

Design an outstanding kitchen by staying up-to-date with the latest trends

Designing a kitchen is definitely not a piece of cake! There’s so much to consider in this process, as you want to ensure you make the right choices and feel satisfied with the final result. Plus, more often than not, a kitchen makeover can be quite costly. But that’s not always the case. 

You don’t have to break the bank to create a stunning kitchen that meets your needs – there are always ways to save money. By staying up-to-date with the latest trends, you’ll create a timeless, functional, and eye-catching kitchen, so use the expert tips above for inspiration.